All lessons are designed to help the client through every stage of their gundog training. Whether clients are novice or advanced, want a well behaved shooting companion or wish to compete with their own dog, Misselchalke Gundogs offer a range of training lessons designed to help train the gundog.

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One to One

These lessons are designed to meet the individual needs of dog and handler and are designed to guide the handler to train their own dog. These hour lessons are ideal for those who wish to be taught individually or for handlers who may have encountered specific problems in training that they are struggling to overcome.

Group Training

During the summer months, we run group training sessions for dogs of similar ages and abilities. These sessions can be of great benefit for the dogs, teaching them patience, steadiness and working with distractions alongside other dogs.

Rabbit Pen

We have a fully stocked rabbit pen, used for introducing live game and steadiness to the dogs. This is ideal for creating various training scenarios in a controlled environment.

Game Training Days

During the shooting season, we can offer live game shooting over your dog under instruction. Designed for clients who may not have access to game or for those who wish to sharpen their dogs up in a real shooting scenario, these days prove invaluable to both novice and experienced handlers and their dogs.

Please contact us to find out more about various training options and to book.

Residential Training

We are able to offer Residential training for those who may not have the time or knowledge to be able to train their own dogs. Dogs will initially be assessed for the first two weeks and then a specific training programme will be designed depending on the requirements of the client. This could be anything from basic obedience through to more advanced work. Nick is able to trial dogs for clients if the dog is suitable.

Residential Courses

We have the facilities to be able to offer a complete package for Residential training courses for handler and dog. Run over a 2 day weekend, the courses include two full days of training and demonstrations with excellent on site accommodation included in the cost. Live game training will be available during the shooting season.

Course Dates

Please contact for more details.